Catoblepon's sign, representing the silhouette of a cow skull with horns

Catoblepon's portfolio

Cartographer, artist, worldbuilder, CSS designer, and spreadsheet nerd.

Unless credited, all art made by Catoblepon

About Me

I am a programming student with a lot of creative hobbies.

I love to do worldbuilding, CSS, spreadsheets, and more causally, art and maps. Most of the art, maps, and CSS are used for my worldbuilding, to make my writing stand out and, in some cases, more interactive.

I love to use any excuse to make a new spreadsheet, most cases tend to be worldbuilding related, but I've made other spreadsheets for other hobbies.

I enjoy learning languages, both natural languages and programming languages. So far, I can speak Catalan, Spanish, French, English, HTML, CSS, Java, C++, and C#. I am also learning trying to learn Dutch.

Catoblepon's sign, representing the silhouette of a cow skull with horns


Daeliha is a dark world filled with magic and your typical fantasy species but with twists, such as Elves having a symbiotic relationship with bacteria. Its people are constantly quarrelling, with anger and fear brewing for centuries. Now however, people are rediscovering forbidden knowledge that had been hidden away in dusty temples, threatening to release old powerful magic upon the world.

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The world of Iphars is in process of change.Fifty years ago, magic appeared in the world, and with it, new places, flora, fauna and worse, people. As those newcomers start to claim lands for themselves, the people indigenous to Iphars have to fight to adapt and keep what is theirs.

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Cover by Vertixico


Humanity always dreamed of interacting with aliens. When no aliens arrived to Earth, humans decided to take matters into their own hands and to travel themselves to new planets. There, they become the aliens to meet other people, the technologically advanced society invading other worlds.
But humans did not confine themselves to physical worlds; they also discovered an access to a dimension of dreams. Of course, they immediately started to transform and adapt it for their own needs and entertainment. Thus, Altrea dimension was born. Will they manage to mess it up?

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Shattered is a space fantasy world that is meant to not make fully sense.Shattered is a place of brokenness, as its name says. It is composed of many islands and giant animals floating in space and surrounding a single star-like object, which has three states: light, dark, and rain. On these islands, one finds life, civilized and not so civilized societies; outside of them, one finds death and corpses of unknow creatures floating in a never ending state of decay.

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Track your worldbuilding

A sheet to help you track your articles, see what is done and what isn't, see statistics based on such things. (PYWY)

Summer Camp

A sheet where people can add the articles worked during Summercamp and see the prompts of the event.

World Ember

A sheet where people can add the articles worked during WorldEmber and see stats of the event.


A sheet where people can add the articles worked during Spooktober and see the prompts of the event.

Top secret

Created for people to track their work on a special challenge, commissioned by Nnie

TTRPG library

A private sheet where I tested the query function of google sheet. The sheet has three tabs, one to search up things, one to add the information (the database), and one to rate the TTRPG.